Making good friends through games has never been easier

Welcome to Tellus.
Minecraft & Discord community

Tellus is a hub for all gamers, no matter the game, as long as you share our enthusiasm towards gaming and communities. This community started with a Discord server and just a few friends, looking for a place to communicate with and befriend other people. This then sparked into something big.

Play with friends.

Minecraft Servers

Tellus runs multiple minecraft servers including our survival servers, a hardcore factions server and an events server to go along with them.

Close community & Events.

Discord server

We offer our community members a discord server to help them find people to play various games with, or to simply talk with others.

Fair & Friendly.

Experienced staff

Of course, to moderate all of our services we have a close knit group of staff members all experiences in their roles to help keep the peace.

Minecraft survival players
Total hours played
Discord members
Days since last map reset

Close knit community

We have a friendly community composed of long time members along with new faces every day.

Sponsored events

We will always go out of our way to make sure our community has the best time on our servers.

Powerful Performance

Tellus services run on the highest performing single threaded hardware around to ensure the smoothest gaming and uptime.

Live streams

We have multiple of people wanting to stream every day, including a YouTuber for the minecraft server.

Minecraft survival server

The Tellus minecraft survival server is our longest standing service and will be around for a long time.

Endless Possibilities

The possibilities at Tellus truly are endless, we are always open to suggestions on what to add or change.

Mature community

We have members of all ages in this community, most are between 20-30 years old. Our oldest members are 40 while our youngest being 13.

99.998% uptime

The total uptime of all our services combined is near perfect at 99.998% thanks to our friends at DedicatedMC.

discord server

Of course we have a discord server to more easily connect with every part of the community and manage help requests.